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  • posting problem..

    when i link a picture some times the link code shows or the picture problem comes when if the picture shows or when i go to edit a post how do i add to the post below the picture.
    i have tried many different ways but obviously i am doing some thing wrong.i am tired of deleting the pictures and starting over.

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    I don't know how it works with photo hosting services like PB. If the pics are uploaded here (it helps if they are already sized about 900 to 1000 pixels on the long side, anything larger the site has to resize) it holds them and allows you to place them in your write a paragraph


    Insert image, and write another paragraph. It gives options for thumbnail, small, medium, large, fullsize and remove. I use fullsize.

    Sometimes I forget or want to edit, I click on the image and use the right arrow, that takes me off the image and I hit enter, enter to give a little white space before I start writing again. I also enter, enter between images for the same reason, clicking on that white space later makes editing in text a lot easier. I struggled with images a lot at first and that is the workaround I sorted out, it works for me.

    When you click on the image, a blue border lights up. If you were to backspace or delete the image would disappear, enter at this stage will post what you have already. When you hit right arrow the border will change to yellow and the cursor will be at the bottom right corner, enter, enter will put you in a good place to start writing.


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      that for info,Wes..i give that a try.