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New M2 Dodge A-100 Police Van

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  • New M2 Dodge A-100 Police Van

    Haven’t seen this one yet, so I guess it’s a new piece from M2. It’s a cool looking police van😊
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    Went out looking for this one and the Chevy Apache Brush Truck "Fire Rescue" issue today. 3 Walmarts; LUCKED OUT and got the rescue truck at the first one (also farthest from my house), nowhere else to be seen. The police van will hopefully find its way to me at one of the stores eventually.


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      Same here, I had off from work today, so I went to a whole bunch of Targets, and Walmart’s near where I live. And the only thing I could find was the M2 police van, and there were lots of them😳


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        Oh my - that makes three new emergency vehicles from M2 - ' 57 Chevy Wagon with the speed/radar on the roof, the Chevy Apache fire engine and now this neat looking police van. Not sure what luck I will have finding these - closest Wal Mart 90 miles away and not planning to be that way until the 17th.


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          have to keep an eye out, or even track one or two of these down. nice to see more emergency vehicles from M2
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            I got this one. I thought it came out very nicely.