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  • Loving this one~Memories

    I am loving this 67 Stang... I used to have 3 at one time, two just like this one to a "T"... 1 was a 67 Shelby that was in need of some TLC and missing some important parts and the Shelby wheels (same color though). I attended an auction with a friend who's dad owned a used car lot back about 74 0r 75. I bought the Shelby for $380.00 and a green 67 GTA Stang like this one that also needed some TLC for another $300.00. Nobody was bidding much that day. I seen big dollar signs in my eyes cleaning and reselling these two cars. I had a collection of Mustang parts and knew how to clean, buff, and wax them up to look good. I already had a nice, clean one like this one at home as my daily driver ride. I lived in an apartment at the time and had all 3 parked in the very back of the lot. No eye~sore looking appearance at all. I buffed the two I just bought and all 3 shined. Another friend and I decided to hich~hike to Florida from Ohio. I loaned my good Stang to my sister and locked everything up and hit the road with our thumbs out. We were gone about two weeks and when I returned home, the ole' witch manager of the apts. had my two auction Stangs towed, and my sister wrapped my good Stang around a tree. Her boyfriend did rather.
    I was a crazy madman for a few. The storage and tow at the impound lot got up to over $400.00 for each car while I was gone and I could not pay that. It accumulated more everyday. I lost them both.
    Later I found the frame was bent too bad to repair my "NOW NO GOOD" Stang. I had to walk and hitch to work for a long time until I could buy another car... Funny how those "FUNKY" memories pop in your head when you see cars on the pegs like these...LOL

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    Thanks for sharing that tragedy. Sucks that life handed you those cards, but at least you got the little one and a good tale to tell.


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      I had high hopes of restoring the Shelby to this condition like this one pictured. It was missing all the scoops and some one had replaced the hood with one that had a funky snorkle scoop on it and for some reason it looked too short. It was also missing the tail light assemblies, Shelby gas cap, metal emblems, and the lights in the grill, the original wheels, and some interior parts, but still well within the range of a nice resto job. Paint was faded badly, but a full day of buffing and waxing, it shined quite nicely. I had about $500.00 wrapped up in it after all fees, taxes, and misc. pieces I did find for it. I can only imagine what that Shelby would be worth today if that ole' witch wouldn't of had it towed.

      (pic borrowed from the net)

      Sometimes I think back and wonder how incidences like this could have changed the course of my whole life. At that time I was buying, fixing up, and selling Mustangs quite often and was looking for a lot to lease to start a car lot. I was really into the Mustangs then. With the way this all went down it totally wiped me out financially. I had to take a job laying carpet to make a living. I guess it turned out OK, because I learned a trade laying carpet, vinyl, tile, and hardwood floors. The economy took off quite well then and building of apartment projects and new homes was going on everywhere. I quit my job and went out on my own and won many bids on these jobs. I hired a few crews and began selling as well as installing. I had no major overhead expenses like these big corporations, so I could underbid them. Over the years my business grew and I did make good money and a good living, but I still think I would have much rather been a big Mustang/Ford dealer with a huge dealership that I could wear a suit and tie to work instead of ragged ole' sweat and "T" shirts, and jeans with the knees torn out...LOL
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        Sweet die-cast and interesting story.
        Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

        RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.


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          Sorry about your Stangs Steve. Thanks for sharing and the pictures.
          Due to the recent budget cuts,
          the rising cost of electricity, gas, and oil, plus the
          current state of the economy, the light at the end
          of the tunnel has been turned off.


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            did you have all of them licenced & insured?


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              Originally posted by microbuss View Post
              did you have all of them licenced & insured?
              They had 30 day tags, but insurance wasn't required back then.


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                Originally posted by Stangfreak View Post

                They had 30 day tags, but insurance wasn't required back then.
                then they shouldn't have towed them
                that was illegal I believe


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                  Steve - I always enjoy and appreciate the stories you share with your model finds. The connections with some of life's journeys (both good and bad) are interesting and a part of who we become in life. You shared things you might not have ever done had this not happened - and somehow, I would have trouble picturing you in a white shirt and tie. Definitely could picture you running a Mustang dealership/garage though!