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  • Amazing Similarities

    I ran across this real restored 71 Mach 1 Stang about a year ago at a dealership I had done business with for years. I told the salesman I had one exactly like it at home. He did not believe me, so I told him I would go home and get it. He probably thought I was a bull crapper and never lay eyes on me again. I returned and showed him my 1/64th AW Stang and he laughed his rear end off. This AW Stang was spot on in authenticity, scale, and detail.
    I applied for a loan of about 24 grand with close to 6 grand to put down on the loan, but they said my debt to income ratio didn't approve at the time, and I was declined. Several banks and loan companies wouldn't go near that much on a car that old. Even if it was a classic.
    We both were still extremely impressed with the little Auto World Stang!!!

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    I do have several colors of this one, but still looking for the light green one...

    Still looking for this one though...


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      Not real crazy about the color of this one, but if I do find it I will probably buy it...


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        That resto Mach 1 and it's miniature are amazing (both of them). AW's model really does look like the real thing, stance and all.