Welcome to Diecast Garage.

We do have some rules to follow. Most are pretty standard across the Internet:

1. Please be nice. No attacking or flaming another member. This also goes for other message forums and websites. This should be common sense.

2. No politics. No religion. No exceptions. These are the two most inflammatory topics out there because these are both among people's most core beliefs. So don't discuss them, you're not going to change minds or viewpoints. We're here to discuss diecast cars.

3. We're fortunate to have representatives of multiple diecast producers that post here on a regular basis. Please refrain from harassing these reps. Each of the diecast companies has a customer service department that quality control issues should be directed to. Do not call out the reps (either directly by name or in general) to respond to a thread. Often their hands are tied as to exactly what they can/can't say.

4. Don't troll and don't feed the trolls. In the event someone is attacking you on the forum please alert an Administrator or a Moderator to deal with the situation. Don't instigate or jump into a flame war. Report the offending post(s) and let the forum's staff deal with it. If you aren't on the staff here, please don't try to intervene. Trolling will result in either being placed in the post moderation queue or banning depending on the circumstances.

5. If you have an issue with a board member, please contact that member directly. Don't do it through the public forum. If you don't feel comfortable addressing the situation personally, contact either a Moderator or an Administrator for assistance.

6. No swearing. Considering the subject matter, it should be readily apparent that this is a family board and children are present. We do have a swearing filter in place, and alternate symbols to get around the filters to imply swear words, such as "@^&#*" or "*****" or "bleep" are not allowed.

7. Since this is a board frequented by children topics should be kept to a G-rating (suitable for all audiences). Anything deemed to be an adult-oriented topic will be removed. Some subjects have no place on this forum. These subjects include (but are not limited to): illegal activities, drug use, pornography, depression, suicide, anything of an adult nature, etc. Even if drugs are legal in your jurisdiction, they have no place on this forum.

8. Please limit yourself to only one screen name. Additional screen names will be deleted and the appropriate actions will be taken. If a second screen name is acquired to circumvent the post moderation queue you will be banned from participating here entirely. No exceptions.

9. You must be over 13 to register for this board. If we find anyone under 13 has registered for the board, your account will be suspended until you turn 13 unless you have parental permission to be here.

Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action:

a. You get a strike against you from one of the Administrators or Moderators.

b. Strikes are on a rolling calendar. This means if you get a strike in August '14, another in January '15, and a third in December '15, you're still at two strikes because your August '14 strike has rolled off.

c. If you reach three strikes within a rolling one year time period, your posts will have to be approved by a moderator before they will be viewable to everyone else on the board.

d. The post moderation queue will last as long as the Administrator/Moderator team feels is necessary, but no less than a month for a first offense.

e. Major offenses will result in banning.