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  • Buy / Sell / Trade Rules

    The buy / sell / trade board is not visible to guests. This is intentional.

    To sell here:

    Previously it was set up that you must have a post count of at least 25 before you can sell. Since we no longer have the tools to do that, we ask members to carefully consider who you are dealing with. If it is a new member who starts out of the gate selling, buyer beware.

    We provide a forum free of charge and don't require any cut of the sales price. Therefore we ask that you respect the forum and the members and staff here.

    You must list either a set price or a want list of what you're willing to accept in trade. Please do not only ask for offers. You can specify "or best offer" if there is wiggle room in your prices as long as you start with whatever you feel is a fair price that you are willing to accept. Offers should be done by Private Message.

    No bumping of posts. If your thread dies due to lack of activity, you may wish to re-evaluate your pricing. Replying to confirm a purchase is okay, as is asking for clarification. "Bumping" is defined as "These cars are still for sale" or similar language. You may do a final call bump to let people know the cars are headed to another site (whether it be another message board, TTP, or eBay).

    Please don't link to ebay or other offsite sales unless your items have been offered here first. We are not a commercial site, and commercial sites do just fine without free advertising. Please limit such links to one per seller per sale site, it is suggested to the main listing page that lists all of that sellers' sales. A link more than 3 months old will be considered as a dead link (and mods may delete), or seller can ask a mod to break the link in an earlier sale so an updated link can be entered.

    All agreed final purchase prices should be posted in plain view on the forum to have a public record of the transaction. This is for both the buyer's and seller's protection. If another price was agreed by PM, that should be posted or edited into the sale thread.

    Please contact all buyers with a total within a reasonable timeframe. Unless extenuating circumstances, consider 7 days as reasonable. If no response in 7 days and no money has changed hands, sale will be null and void and sale thread closed unless other arrangements have been made.

    If the cars are listed on other sites as well, please check ALL sites they are listed before confirming a purchase to someone either here or elsewhere. While we don't require that sales be exclusive to Diecast Garage, we do encourage that sellers do not give preference to one site over another (as in the car gets sold to the first person you see who replied, as opposed to the first person to actually reply by the timestamp). If someone posts here, and the timestamp is before the timestamp of someone else on another site, and said person is told the car is no longer available, then your selling privileges here will be revoked. The easiest and least confusing way to deal with this is to offer the cars up for sale on one site at a time.

    Packages should be mailed no later than one week after receiving payment. Should something unforeseen occur that delays this, inform the buyer.

    This is all about communicating, Sellers and Buyers must communicate the transaction. The sale post is a simple transaction record for both parties.


    To buy here:

    Previously it was set up that you must have a post count of at least 25 before you can buy. Since we no longer have the tools to do that, we ask members to carefully consider who you are dealing with. If it is a new member who starts out of the gate buying, seller beware.

    No editing of posts. If you see something else you want, make another post. There's no rule against double or even triple posting. If you made a mistake in your original post, quote it and specify what should be changed.

    Please pay within a reasonable amount of time. PayPal purchases should take no more than three days to pay, and a check or money order should be in the mail within 7 days. If there is an extenuating circumstance, communicate with the seller. This should be the exception, not the rule - buyers who repeatedly have extenuating circumstances may find their privileges revoked.

    No open haggling. If you want to make an offer or dicker over price, do it by PM. Once a price is agreed to, post it in the sale thread.

    No open criticizing of someone's prices. If you don't like the price, don't buy or else make a counter offer by Private Message.


    Special Circumstances:

    Some sellers have frequent sales and offer to keep an active box over a period of several months. This is at the seller's discretion to do so. This is not required of sellers. This is also quite convenient for the buyer, as long as you have patience.

    Disclosing if items come from a smoke or smoke-free home and/or a pet or pet-free home. I know of at least one member here with severe smoke allergies so I can understand this. However, my personal feelings on this is that it should be at the seller's own discretion as to whether they add this or not. So this is optional but encouraged.



    All transactions are between the buyer and seller. By buying or selling here, you agree not to hold Diecast Garage liable for transactions occurring here.



    Buyers who do not pay in a timely matter without communicating the delay to the seller (payment should be mailed within a week from date of purchase and received no later than two weeks from date of purchase unless prior arrangements are made) will be banned from the sales forum (but not from the board in general). A week for the first offense, a month for the second offense, and permanently if there's a third offense. In the event of a payment that gets lost in the mail, it is up to the buyer to provide proof that said payment was mailed on the date claimed. Always get a receipt. Delays should be the exception, not the rule, unless arrangements have been made with the seller.

    Sellers who do not post cars within a week of receiving payment- same rules apply including communicating with and making arrangements with the buyer. This is of course making an exception for those who start a box and hold multiple sales over a long period of time. A week ban from the sale forum (again, but not the board in general) for the first offense, a month for the second, and permanently for the third. All sale threads by the seller will immediately be locked until the issue is resolved. If cars take longer than a month to make it to their destination (and it isn't a post office error- a tracking number or a receipt showing the package was mailed on the date in question will be acceptable proof that the package was mailed) then the seller will be banned from selling here permanently.

    If we have reason to believe the seller never had the cars that were for sale that will be a permanent ban from the forum. We don't tolerate scammers.
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