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Burslem Real Types '58 Ford Thunderbird

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  • Burslem Real Types '58 Ford Thunderbird

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    Burslem was a Canadian company who started a line of model cars and trucks in the late 1950s before some merger/acquisition business arrangement with Hubley of Pennsylvania USA took them over. The Burslem name is largely forgotten, though avid fans of the Real Toy / Real Types line are well aware of their work.

    Since Hubley took over the tools and expanded and continued the line, at least for a brief time, the Burslem models typically were rolled into the Hubley range. Hubley by that time was a major player in the toy industry, particularly model vehicles of many scales, with the Real Toys and Real Types being among the smallest they made. Hubley dated back into the 1930s, possibly before, and made models in pressed steel and plastic as well as diecast, and had a range of metal "model kits" as well. Hubley was bought by Gabriel in the late 1960s and faded from sight after that. Information regarding Burslem is a bit less available.

    As originally produced, the Burslem models could be distinguished from later production by the cast metal wheels with no rubber tires and no window glazing. Later Hubley variants, as a rule, had rubber tires and window glazing, and the baseplate changed to reflect the name change from Real Types to Real Toys and "Made in the USA" instead of "Made in Canada."

    However, there are exceptions, and there are Canada made models with the Hubley and Real Toys names on the baseplate, suggesting that Burslem continued for a time either subcontracting or as a satellite of Hubley. The entire Real Types / Real Toys line only lasted for less than 5 years, and some models are highly sought and quite rare compared to most lines of diecast collectors are familiar with. For example, Burslem is one of only two makers that made a late 1950s Corvette in 1/64+/- when that car was new in the showrooms, the other maker being Tootsietoy…and the Burslem is far better detailed compared to the Tootsie and incredibly hard to find in *any* condition.
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    Thank you for your understanding.

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    Very interesting Wes. I've heard the Real Types name before, but not the manufacturer. Nice old model!


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      Wow - great to see this Burslem Thunderbird! Could make you a "historian" with the finds of these unique Canadian models. Would certainly had made for a great article way back in the days when I wrote for a magazine called Canadian Toy Mania that was based out of Sask.


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        VERY interesting!


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          Wes,this is a very interesting post.