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Aviva Snoopy Emergency Die cast

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  • Aviva Snoopy Emergency Die cast

    One of my Favorite die cast to collect are the Aviva snoopy Emergency die cast👍👍👍 I really like these little die cast as they are not so easily available😬 The Isuzu squirt fire trucks came in many different color variations, and my favorite one of them all is the unique, Rare Woodstock yellow Isuzu squirt. These squirts are the same molds they used for the Tomica Isuzu squirts😬 So far I was able to find 4 color variations. I think there are more so I am always on the hunt for these emergency vehicles😁 The snoopy pumper fire truck came in 3 variations that I know of🤔 There was the giant snoopy, then a mid sized snoopy, followed by a little snoopy😀 I don’t know if there are any other variations🤔 I also like the bright colors on the die cast😁 On the base it says: Aviva -Snoopy Corp- 1958,1966- United Feature Syndicate- INC- Made in Hong Kong😬
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    As a Peanuts fan - and a big Woodstock fan - these are wonderful little emergency vehicles. I do have Woodstock in the yellow Isuzu - most likely because he is my favorite character of the Peanuts gang. Funny story about the Aviva/Snoopy diecast - in the '70's they were sold in Hallmark Stores. I had just started dated Velma (married now 43 years) and one day she saw a Hallmark sack int eh backseat of my car and assumed I had bought her a present. Indeed I had but there were also the little Snoopy cars in the bag as well which puzzled her at the time as she was not aware of my collecting little toy cars.


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      Congratulations on being married for 43 years🙏 And that’s a great story😁