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  • Barclay Emergency Vehicles

    Here are my Barclay emergency die cast. They are all metal👍 The police, chief, and Red Cross truck are very small. The smaller vehicles fit well with my HO scale fire house😊😊😊The ladder fire truck is a much larger die cast. These are crude looking pieces, however they are rare, and you don’t usually see these pieces around😬
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    Awesome that you have the Barclay pieces in your collection!


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      What John said! That Barclay aerial is definitely a rare one. (Not to brag....okay, bragging....I managed to find one at a big antique show in NJ some time ago. Paid a lot for it. Mine still has the climbing fireman who goes up the ladder as you raise it. What an incredible toy (and dangerous pointy wire, a little lead fireman figure that can come off easily...). Congratulations on having that one! Well, all of them! I think I have the ambulance somewhere...the police and fire chief are wonderful, too.

      Edit: I just found my pics of mine...and I lied....mine is just like yours, the fireman is long gone. I have a different model by a different company that has a fireman that climbs the ladder like this one would have. But it's fantastic to 'meet' someone HERE who has the same, verifiably rare, model in his collection! I'm truly blown away....

      Oh, and here's mine:
      Click image for larger version

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