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    Here's an M2 Torino I have made some changes to. I guess it is no longer a Cobra Jet...
    I drilled the rivets on the unopening hood and scrapped the fuel injection stacks and engine. I replaced it with one of my resin cast Boss 429 dual 4 bbl carb engines. I painted and detailed the engine compartment a bit more as well. I also added a resin cast hood scoop. That kinda gave me fits because the carbs were just a hair too tall. Allot of drilling and filing to hollow out the bottom of the scoop more. Now it's on the trailer and off to the track!!!

    I do believe I like my version of this one much, much better...

    This one from the Auto Wheels series came with a really nice selection of drag tires and wheels for customs. The front tires were pretty skinny. I'm pretty proud and happy with this one.
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    Other times I display it with this custom hauler made and RAOKed to me several years ago from a good friend and member of Hobby Talk site. It looks awesome hauling this Torino!!!

    This was before I got the scoop to fit right and permanently attached. I had to add a thin piece of sheet plastic to the bottom to raise the scoop and hollow out the scoop more to fit over the two carbs.


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      Looks tons better with the scoop instead of the stacks. Looks good on the trailer as well.
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