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Cars and Donuts Set at Woot!

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  • Cars and Donuts Set at Woot!

    Don't intend to advertise, but I figure this is a pretty decent deal for those of us who never saw these in-store. Woot! (owned by Amazon) has the entire Cars and Donuts set for $25. If you've got prime, shipping is free; $6 if you don't.

    For me, I'm getting it for the Impreza and Alfa Romeo, but the rest of the cars are good. I'll likely use the McLaren and Datsun, and maybe the BMW M1 as trade bait for the Defender and G-Wagen out of the new Fast and Furious Off-Road line. Locally, I never saw these, since Pop Culture cars covered in odd graphics tend to clog pegs around here. So, will this perhaps happen to more HW premium sets after they're out?

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    i noticed that it will take until the end of nov. to get the cars.


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      Originally posted by pegers
      i noticed that it will take until the end of nov. to get the cars.

      Interesting. Backordered? Mine shipped out yesterday.


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        i do not know if they are on back order is the shipping notice in the offer:

        • Standard - Estimated delivery Nov 22 - Nov 22
        • Two-Day - Estimated delivery Nov 20
        • Free Standard shipping for Prime members


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          I only found the Alfa and I'm glad I did it's my favorite.

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