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Matchbox Lasertronics / Light & Sound Emergency Vehicles

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  • Matchbox Lasertronics / Light & Sound Emergency Vehicles

    These are my matchbox light & sound vehicles. They made quite a few variations, so I am always on the hunt for more😊 The two military police Mercedes cars have a flat green, and a glossy green paint. The two yellow Ford super vans have different color lights, red & yellow. The two police cars that have a 17 on the roof have two different colors, whits, and silver. Even though I purchased most of these in the 90’s, early 2000’s, some of the sirens still work a little😜All of the cars are a Mercedes 500 SEC👍
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    Not sure why, but this was a series that I ignored when it came up. Over the course of time have slowly added some of the models to my collection.


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      Very nice! I try to stray away from anything electronic unless there are screws. Really hard to change the batteries in a riveted model. I was once working on a Majorette Sonic Flashers Bronco, and the base exploded into several pieces. Managed to glue it back; but old plastic and 3/8 electric drills don't mix.

      While a lot of these I am familiar with, I've never before seen the Supervan with flames.


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        This series was released as a promo model for the TV series Rescue 911. That's why you see the name of the show on the roofs of several of your models. Those models were also made without the marking on the roof for their "regular" release. Fun to collect, I hadn't seen the emergency light color variation before.