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  • RAOK From Ryan!

    Does not look like Ryan is over here yet but he sent me this Plymouth that I have had a heck of a time trying to find.
    Thanks so goes well with the one brown one I did find.

    Kinda wish MB would have made the headlights a bit bigger though.
    Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

    RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.

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    Up until today I had not seen this one in stores - today I saw several of them in the three Wal Marts in the Bismarck area. (Target still has no MB on their pegs). And Ryan has shared that he is not planning to come over to the new site.


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      They are shelf warming here.


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        I will be on the hunt for a couple of them. They look very cool!


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          Very nice addition, and a very fine RAOK from Ryan....hope Ryan will consider a way to come join us here.


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            All 3 Walmarts I visited today had the same OLD batch restocked....the one with the San Diego Police Ford Explorer...I was hopeful as I approached the Matchbox section of the aisle until I realized each store just restocked, within the last day or so, but every store had the exact same OLDer batch from about 2 or 3 cases ago (whichever had the SDPD Explorer). Ah, well, I found some other goodies. I'll get some pics up as I can.