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    Many of you may already be aware of but many of you might not be. It is a website that allows you to view the current inventory quantity at Walmart for any item. How useful it is greatly depends on how closely you keep track of whatever you're looking for. But if, for instance, you see that Hot Wheels quantity increased by 648, then you know that that store just got a new dump bin of mainlines. They went up by 72? They got one case. Auto World went up by 6, or M2 went up by 12? That's a fresh case. Auto World went up by 5? They probably got a fresh case, but the chase is already gone. Your mileage may vary. It's not 100%, sometimes the quantity goes up and the item never shows up. Sometimes it doesn't change and they did in fact get something new. Stores also differ on when they stock. Some stores stock at night, some during the day. Some rotate depending on scheduling. Don't use it to harass employees, and make a mess of fresh pallets. Use it as a tool, and use it wisely. All of this information is already out there on other websites, forums and social media. But I figure I would post it here in case anyone was not aware, so they can use it as a reference.

    Here is a list of most of the relevant codes for various diecast:

    Hot Wheels Mainlines: 34253677
    Matchbox Mainlines: 34253658
    Hot Wheels Mystery models: 32803180
    Hot Wheels Replica Entertainment: 49467534
    Hot Wheels Pop Culture: 53264179
    Hot Wheels Car Culture: 805984709
    Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Favorites: 365127812 ***
    Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport: 655207018 ***
    Auto World: 167945248
    Johnny Lightning: 110484909
    Racing Champions: 154992612
    M2 Auto Thentics/Auto Trucks: 32803237
    M2 Detroit Muscle/Auto Japan: 443147650
    M2 Drivers: 804961615
    M2 Haulers: 17325838
    M2 1/24: 17325841
    M2 Model Kits: 135785869

    When you go to Brickseek, you select Walmart or Target. These codes are just for Walmart. You can also enter codes for Target, but they are different, and they do not show quantity, so it is less useful, it only shows in stock or not. If anyone really wants the Target codes, enter the codes above on the Walmart section to find the UPC, and then copy the UPC to enter in the Target section.

    M2 Auto Thentics and Detroit Muscle is also finicky some times in that sometimes Auto Thentics will go up and Detroit Muscle stays the same when in fact they got in Detroit Muscle, or vice versa. Round 2 products also occasionally show up incorrectly where JL will increase but the store in fact got RC, or vice versa.

    *** The code for the 50th anniversary favorites is currently incorrectly entered into Walmart's inventory system. All UPC's are tied to a master product code, so for instance even though two mainline HW may have different UPC codes, when you buy one their inventory adjusts regardless. For some reason the 50th anniversary are currently tied together with three different lines. The 50th anniversary favorites, the Red Line anniversary series and the Walmart exclusive Replica Entertainment Best of 8 count mixes (Mix A was 4 Gas Monkey Corvettes and 4 Yellow Submarines and Mix B was 8 Back to the Future Deloreans. These are different from the normal 10 count Replica entertainment mixes which are generally 2 each of 5 castings). So if you enter the code above, it may show a store has a huge quantity of 50th cars. As of right now, these have not hit Walmart yet, and what you are seeing is the current level of the Redlines. But when they do get them, the count should still go up since all three are tied together. This may change at any point if they fix the mistake.

    For the Car Culture Team Transport, these have not hit yet, so this code may or not be correct. It is listed currently as the "parent" code for the series, so this should work, and when these hit, quantities should change from 0 to 4,8,12, etc depending on how many cases they get. But they may change it.

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    I thought I would move this topic Ben made over here from swiftysgarage. I still use this website quite a bit so I don't waste my time going to a certain store that is understocked.


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      i never have used the system myself.but it does seem to be very helpful.