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    This is my Playart police fleet. They made lots of variations with the police vehicles. Different color shades, wheels, and labels for the vehicles. They are kinda flimsy, and they fall apart very easy, so I always handle them very delicately👍 They are a combination of very thin metal and plastic😊 The older Playart die cast were made much better😊 I know there are many more variations with these police cars so I am always on the hunt😬
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    Most of these look pretty good and should make good collectibles, if you can find them in decent shape.


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      Truly an amazing collection! I honed in on the Mercury wagons and have been getting all the interior variations I can find, for both the police and fire versions, plus the outside. But you've got me beat for the range of models you've gathered already.

      Not to hijack, but here's a group shot:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSCF7908.jpg Views:	0 Size:	500.1 KB ID:	8643
      Like the police wagons, the fire chiefs all have different interior colors. Just difficult to see in this pic (click to zoom & its better). Most of the red ones have red lights, but a couple have blue (2nd and 3rd in from right).


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        Wow👍 Great group shot!! I see a lot of variations I do not have😳 I really like the group shots because it shows all of the different variations, and different vehicles together👍😊👍😊


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          Nice collection of Playart police models - so many variations!


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            I can't say for sure, but I think that may be all but, say, a prepro that maybe exists somewhere. I stopped collecting just last year when I ran out of auctions featuring either 'agency'. It's like sometimes you endure a serious drought and then suddenly the rain falls in abundance. So for a year or so, I kept finding new variations online after seeing none for a long, long time. A flood of them, from all over, not a single seller. Besides, not that many colors can possibly be left of the fire chief. I guess purple or chrome (gacccchhh!) interiors haven't been seen, or lime green, or splotchy mixed swirls of 10 colors or something...