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  • Bert Goes WAY West

    And here we are, "in" the Far East. Specifically, Japan. Well now, this is different...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	5311bTomicaToyotaCelica_63.jpg
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Size:	102.2 KB
ID:	5207

    ... for us, anyway.

    This 1/63 scale Toyota Celica LB2000GT "Pocket Car" by Tomica was quite a different flavor of diecast for us when we first encountered it in one of those now non-existent stores we've lamented. I found this one while looking through pegs of slot cars. We were also on the lookout for static cars to fill up the parking lot of our slot track, and had just gotten used to Mattel's wide-wheeled "Hot Wheels" brand of diecast cars. Tomica's modus operandi came as a pleasant surprise; nice detail, realistically-sized wheels and proportions, and what's this? Opening doors! They were slightly more expensive than Hot Wheels, but it seemed worth it.

    So Bert gets to see something different.

    "Different? It looks like the old neighborhood."

    It is the old neighborhood, Officer, and the old venue; Snappy Al's Used Cars. Your westward trek to the Far East is like your eastward trek to France. It's about the cars, not you.

    Bert sez...
    "Wanna sell more?
    MAKE IT 1/64!!!"

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    This ain't no Supra...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	5313bTomicaMasMerak_62.jpg Views:	89 Size:	106.6 KB ID:	5320

    ... is it, Officer?

    "Kid, I don't think this 2-seater is even a Toyota."

    It isn't a Toyota, it's a Maserati Merak SS. And I'll tell you something else: It's not a 2-seater, either.

    "Huh? It sure looks like the engine's right behind the seat. The rear deck opens. I peeked!"

    The engine is behind the seats, Officer. But the car is a 2+2. There's a back seat between the front seats and the engine. I'm not surprised you missed it.

    "I thought that was a compartment for luggage."

    Nope. 'S a seat. For people.

    "Sure looks cramped back there, kid, But the color is nice."

    So, no GLARE, then?

    "No, I wouldn't want to scare any tiny little kids that might be back there."

    You're all heart, Officer.
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    Bert sez...
    "Wanna sell more?
    MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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      Not quite what it appears to be...

      Click image for larger version

Name:	5314bTomicaLotusEsprit_60.jpg
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Size:	105.9 KB
ID:	5639

      ... if the decoration were to be believed.

      Although its decorated as a 1978 Series 2 Commemorative Edition Lotus Esprit, this casting is actually a 1976 Series 1 Esprit. That's evident from the front air dam (instead of the integrated front spoiler of the S2) and the lack of cooling ducts behind the rear side windows.

      But hey, we'll take it, this British rendition of the "Italian Wedge" concept (designed by an Italian, Giorgetto Giugiaro). I luuuuuuuv this kind of car!

      Tomica did well with it, although we think they'd have done better to make it 1/64 scale instead of 1/60. But we can't argue with the pop-up headlights (retracted for this pic). A close look will reveal the sad presence of some deterioration of the casting on the hood.

      "I hope that doesn't get any worse, kid."

      That makes two of us, Officer.

      Bert sez...
      "Wanna sell more?
      MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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        1:52 PM - Jan 30#9

        Can't cover the Italian Wedge without mentioning this car...

        Click image for larger version

Name:	5492bTOMLAMBOCOUNTACH_61.jpg
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Size:	104.1 KB
ID:	6098

        ... Countach!

        We've mixed feelings about this one. Though it could have been done 1/64, Tomica rendered it 1/61 (per the base). Also, the base says it's an LP 500 S. It does have the front spoiler and rear wing of the LP 500 S, but not the wheel arch extensions. That kinda leaves it with an LP 400 look. With a black body, a black interior would have looked better. The badly smeared graphics look awful.

        But it's not all bad. The overall shape of the body is more accurate and the scale is closer to 1/64 than most attempts by MB, HW or Majo. There's a very nice chromed engine under the opening rear hatch. The suspension is nice and squishy, too, like all the Tomicas seen so far in this thread.

        "I'd give it a GLARE, kid, but the guy probably feels bad enough already what with that gold schmutz on the sides."

        It's not a very Lambo-esque feature. That's fer sher.

        Bert sez...
        "Wanna sell more?
        MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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          I may not be a Ford guy, but...

          Click image for larger version  Name:	5499bTOMICAPANTERA_61.jpg Views:	1 Size:	112.4 KB ID:	6207

          ... I like this Ford.

          To be sure, it's not exactly your run-of-the-mill Ford. Actually, the DeTomaso Pantera is an Italian car that's Ford-powered. So, there's that.

          It's also one of the few such cars I've seen "in the flesh". I was working an infomercial for a certain car care product, and one of the two cars they had on the set was a red Pantera. It was an early, clean version, not the aero-equipped GTS seen above. Gosh it was beautiful.

          The silver 1/61 scale example in front of Bert was found at a swap meet. Tomica's GTS variant sports a rear wing, which makes it very easy to raise the opening rear deck and look at the "engine". The Ford 351cu V8 isn't chromed like the Lambo's engine, but just molded as part of the red interior.

          "Show 'em the other angle, kid."

          If you insist, Officer...

          Click image for larger version  Name:	5500bTOMICAPANTERA_61.jpg Views:	1 Size:	102.4 KB ID:	6209

          Bert sez...
          "Wanna sell more?
          MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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            Speaking of Ford...

            Click image for larger version  Name:	6863bTomicaFdT_60.jpg Views:	3 Size:	105.0 KB ID:	7032

            ... how about this classic, very early Model T?

            And it's blue, even. A swap meet special, it also has some play wear showing. Though not so much a "wedge"--Italian or otherwise--Tomica chose to render it in 1/60 scale like the Lotus Esprit seen a few days ago.

            "So now we know how this rolling phone booth compares to that Lotus, size-wise."

            Yes, Officer. And we also must imagine that in 1/60 scale, you're just over 5'11" tall.

            "Kid, I'll always be officially 6'4" tall. Remember that, or I'll give you a GLARE just for jollies."
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            Bert sez...
            "Wanna sell more?
            MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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              A little nod to Bert's sojourn in France...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	6894bTomRenA310_60.jpg
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Size:	99.0 KB
ID:	7093

              ... even though we're still in Tomica's Japan.

              This 1/60 scale Alpine Renault A310 was another intended prop for the slot track. (We have a couple of rally slot cars.) With an opening rear deck, it's very posable for roadside breakdowns.

              "You need lots of conked-out cars on yer race track, kid?"

              Not a lot, Officer. But a couple add interest.

              "Yeah, well, this guy has an 'interesting' arrangement of lights on the nose of this thing. Is he all nervous about driving after dark or something?"

              I see that a lot with rally cars, Officer. Multiple added headlights, I mean. Not sure why. Maybe to make sure they still have something working even after rock strikes?

              "Rock strikes? Wut? Don't they sweep these race tracks?"

              Um, these are raced on... uh, back roads... you know, point-to-point, out in the country. Lotsa dirt and rocks and...

              "STREET RACING? Are you... As a very famous black-and-white Mercury once said, Not in MY town!"

              BACK roads, Officer! BACK roads! Not through the city! No! I don't think, anyway... maybe a village or two...
              Bert sez...
              "Wanna sell more?
              MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                There's been no rain in SoCal lately, so...

                Click image for larger version  Name:	7401bTomicaJPSpec_59.jpg Views:	46 Size:	89.5 KB ID:	7698

                ... let's open up our wheels a bit.

                Over the years, Tomica has given us some very realistic open-wheelers. This 1978 John Player Special (Lotus) is a prime example of Tomica's realistic approach.

                If only it was 1/64 instead of 1/59.

                "Don't cry too much, kid. At least this guy got out of his car for the pic. Those HW guys just sit there."

                These Tomica guys must be shy, Officer.

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                Bert sez...
                "Wanna sell more?
                MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                  More open-wheel realism...

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	8265bTomMcLarenM26_56.jpg
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Size:	100.1 KB
ID:	8483

                  ... this time by McLaren.

                  Unfortunately, Tomica rendered this McLaren M26 at 1/56 scale instead of 1/64. That makes it... um... [crunches numbers on calculator]... over 14% too big for Bert.

                  "That would make it easier for me to get into, kid. Which is kinda tempting, given its considerable blue-ness factor."

                  You don't suppose that's why the driver got out of it; just to tempt you to break form?

                  "Naw. I think he just doesn't like to be photographed."

                  Kind of a strange preference for a race driver, especially in Formula 1. But anyway, Wikipedia says the M26 was meant to replace the "aging" M23. That's interesting, because I think we have an Aurora M23 slot car somewhere.

                  "Now are you trying to tempt me, kid?"

                  Yup. To pose for more pix
                  Bert sez...
                  "Wanna sell more?
                  MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                    The last of our Tomica open-wheelers...

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	8267bTomFerr312T3_55.jpg
Views:	173
Size:	93.9 KB
ID:	8973

                    ... and it's a Ferrari!

                    And at 1/55 scale, this 312T3 is even bigger than the McLaren! Strange that Tomica makes their F1 models so big, innit, Officer?

                    "You better stop with these, kid. If they get much bigger, people will think I'm only 5 foot!"

                    We certainly wouldn't want that misconception to spread, Officer. Better get the teams together and haul these racers out of here. Where'd they all go?

                    "They went for our donut supply."

                    No wonder they didn't want their pictures taken.
                    Bert sez...
                    "Wanna sell more?
                    MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                      Hard to believe that's it's illegal to do something as benign as put a tobacco logo on a scale model these days. I know the Tomicas are toys and that's one thing, but even high-dollar models that are in no way suitable for children are off limits now.


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                        Originally posted by jedimario
                        Hard to believe that's it's illegal to do something as benign as put a tobacco logo on a scale model these days.
                        Political Correctness, being "Woke", virtue signalling... Who knew that these would all be marks of the 21st Century? George Jetson would be appalled.
                        Bert sez...
                        "Wanna sell more?
                        MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                          This one came with "accessories"...

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	3958bTomicaMazdaDemio_60.jpg
Views:	140
Size:	86.3 KB
ID:	9838

                          ... a whole building, in fact.

                          This Mazda Demio was included in a car dealership play set. At 1/60 scale it's a tad big, but nicely done with an opening rear hatch. It was meant to be placed on a turntable inside a glass-front building. The turntable rotates when a knob on the roof is turned. Currently the building serves as the new office and showroom of Snappy Al's Used Cars, located near the downtown area of the C+D System. I intend to (someday) power the turntable to constantly rotate, slowly of course.

                          "Way to underline that 'slowly' part, kid. We wouldn't want any kids sneaking into the place for a thrill ride."

                          No sir, Officer. Or any off-duty public servants, either.
                          Bert sez...
                          "Wanna sell more?
                          MAKE IT 1/64!!!"


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                            Another one that makes me hungry...

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	4160bTomicaToyotaProbox_57.jpg
Views:	165
Size:	89.0 KB
ID:	10588

                            Like all the pizza delivery vehicles we have, this Toyota "Pro Box" gets me to think about pepperoni, mozzarella, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, dough, etc. It also came with a pizzeria building that is just the place to assemble and prepare those ingredients. Tomica made this minivan kinda big at 1/57 scale, but with this one the size plus-ness isn't so much of a minus.

                            "We can get more pizza into it, kid!"

                            Exactly what I was thinking, Officer. And that will make your "Farewell Japan" party all the more festive.

                            "Wut? We leaving already?"

                            'Fraid so, Officer. We've run out of Tomica. At least what's been pixelated. (Hint-hint...)

                            "So where we goin' now?"

                            Well Officer, since we're in the process of transferring your posts from TT (ptoo-ie!) to this new place, I think it's time for some groovy-ness in your life. Relax, and hold on to your cap.

                            "Not sure I know what 'groovy-ness' means, kid, but okay..."
                            Bert sez...
                            "Wanna sell more?
                            MAKE IT 1/64!!!"