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    Hopefully I wont be flying solo here.

    Have a feeling Diecast Garage is not free to everyone who visits.

    Somebody has taken the full burden of membership fees.

    I opted to pay 2.99 a month for add removal over at SG.

    Since there are no adds here, Im going to redirect the funds this way.

    Sorry Wes, your labor of love is priceless, however you must accept
    a years subscription paid in advance.

    Please let me know where to send the funds.


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    You’re a champion 69ch, and quite right, it’s not free and Wes has covered all costs to date.


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      I am in. Do U want Juan, Too, 3, Fore or Five dollars per month? Let me know where to send the funds.
      "I am a Ford, not a Lincoln."

      Gerald R. Ford


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        Before the Garage was open, I asked Wes how we do the monthly payment. Didn't think it's fair that he pays everything by himself. Never got answer.

        I was contributing in Swifty's and i'm ready to contribute here too.


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          I also am willing to contribute if Wes is willing to accept our offers.

          I can't remember squat these days, but I think I may also have talked with Wes about it previously, but I can't find any conversation that we might have had, so maybe I didn't.
          I collect what I like, and I like what I collect.

          Michael the "Toyotageek"
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            Is there a PayPal account I can contribute to?


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              Originally posted by MrFutura
              Is there a PayPal account I can contribute to?
              Seconding this. I don't have a job right now but I'd be willing to offer payment when I do. I would not want to send money through the USPS because there is a lot of thievery in it, no joke. Some employees on the letter sorters are bad and they know how to spot the indentations from cards and checks through envelopes. I collect old and historical credit cards from eBay, and the last 5 I have ordered have all gone missing and never arrived, and one arrived that looked like someone opened it and then sealed it back up, I guess they found out they couldn't use a 15 year old card. lol


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                Last I knew Wes does not have PayPal ... So USPS money orders.

                Standing by ...


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                  I appreciate the generous offers, and may yet take you up on them. If we go down that route we'll probably set up another Patreon or something similar. Thanks guys!