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  • Tractor of the Week #9

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    ERTL's John Deere 4430 is the tractor of the week.

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    Originally posted by
    During the 1970s, John Deere introduced 36 new models. In 1972 John Deere introduced the Generation II tractors. Generation II was characterized by the optional Sound Guard body which was the first truly successful integrated tractor cab. This innovative cab was isolated from the tractor by large rubber bushings which dampened vibrations, and the interior was insulated with foam to reduce noise and protect the operator from extreme temperatures outside. A foam pad on the firewall and sheets of lead under the dash greatly reduced engine noise inside the cab. The Sound Guard body also featured a rounded front windshield with an integrated door. The door post was in line with the exhaust and air intake pipes pipe through the hood for the best forward visibility possible. Fully integrated heating and air conditioning was standard equipment, and it also featured windshield wipers, a dome light, a red interior lamp to illuminate the gear shift levers and hydraulic controls during nighttime operation, and speakers for an optional AM/FM radio which many farmers added because they found the cab so quiet they could actually hear it. When it was introduced it was the quietest tractor cab in the industry and a vast improvement over the aftermarket cabs that John Deere had previously retrofitted to its tractors.

    The Generation II tractors also offered other innovative features not available on previous Deere models such as a Quad Range transmission that improved on Deere's proven Synchro Range transmission by adding a high and low gears in each range, and Deere's new Perma-Clutch, a wet clutch that would last much virtually the life of the tractor.

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    The 4430 debuted to the public in 1973 as part of the Generation 2 tractors John Deere launched in the 70s. It solidified Deere's placement in the tractor industry as the leader ahead of International Harvester. Since the New Generation '10' series debuted in the early 60s Deere has been the #1 tractor brand in terms of share and sales. Deere utilized 6.6 inline six cylinder diesel good for 105 drawbar horsepower. 106" wheelbase along with the option for dual rear wheels made the 4430 a terrific row crop tractor of the 70s.

    Four shift stations with two gears each, plus reverse gear in the first two shift stations. Tractor must be stopped, and clutch used, to shift between stations. Once in a shift station the tractor may be shifted on the move, using the clutch, between the gears in that station.[Quote]

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    ERTL first issued this casting when the 1/1 model was new. Often offered w/out numbers to clarify the actual model it was issued in sets that also featured a barge wagon plus it's very own barn set complete with disk, planter and flare box wagon. My version is from the late 1990s. ERTL also issued a completely different casting in their Precision line with outstanding details and a $100+ price point in the 2000s.
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    Nice model of the 4430 from ERTL. Remeber a 1/64th one being available as part of the JD Historic Set of Tractors with a box that spoke of the Sound Gard cab. Yup, remember the articles in The Furrow Magazine that my Uncle Charlie got that played up the new, innovative Sound Gard cab on the JD tractors way back when. Oh how I wish I had asked him for those magazines - would probably still have them knowing the pack rat that I am. But as I think back, kind of wonder why he got those since he did not farm with John Deere - he had Massey equipment.