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#1083 and #1003b

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  • #1083 and #1003b

    Yatming's casting #1083 is empty in the database.
    It seems that particular casting doesn't exist.

    Then another interesting thing is that there is two different castings numbered #1003.

    Chevrolet Astro 1 and Chevrolet Lumina.

    I don't know the Yatming's casting timeline but to me it seems that Astro 1 is very early Yatming casting and Lumina came much later.

    It's odd that Yatming made such decision to put same number on two completely different castings from very different era.
    Also i think it's the only case where they put the same number on different castings.

    It came to my mind that maybe they made a small mistake and put 0 in place of 8 and #1083 became #1003.
    Yatming made some typos in their castings (Celica Supper, Dorge Monaco)

    That would explain the missing #1083 and double #1003

    Maybe this matter was discussed before but share your thoughts.

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    As you say 1003 Is the Chevrolet Astro 1, 1003(b) should be a Double Decker London Bus and 1003(c) Chevrolet Lumina Stocker.
    Also of Note 1043 is another missing number which either the Bus or Lumina could be. It's all just guessing.


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      I didn't notice that the 1043 is also missing and didn't know that there's a third 1003.
      It would still make sense Lumina and Double Decker are marked wrong by Yatming and they should be in 1043 and 1083.


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        i am not aware that there is a third 1003.i know about the astro and the lumina.
        does anyone have a pic of the bus?
        i do not know the exact count but there are a few more missing numbers.
        a few years back i found 1042 which was a unused number.when i am able to do so i will post a picture.


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          Good observations! But how to proceed from our standpoint is another matter.

          My opinion... numbers don't lie, or do they? There is a very good possibility the the 'extra' 1003s are mistakes, and they could be the missing numbers. However, I tend to agree with Motorcade though. Anything on our part would be guessing, unless we can confirm with some direct verification otherwise. It should be worth a * footnote in the database though.
          Michael "Toyotageek"
          Japanese Minicar Garage


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            you have to keep in mind that once the lumina started to show up in numbers they stopped issuing the astro.
            as i said i know nothing about the bus.