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A Trailer for the Roadrunner

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  • A Trailer for the Roadrunner

    I picked up this broken up trailer at a thrift store. It was in two pieces and missing the front jack stands and very, very dirty. They didn't even charge me anything for it. It's also missing the clear plastic piece for the top, which I can cut from thin clear modelers plastic I have. An easy fix. The rear doors are also gone, but don't really need those, and If I decide I do, I can make those also.

    I cleaned it up and fixed the front jack stands from mounting pieces from other M2 haulers that are used as spacers to mount the haulers to the stands. Another pretty easy fix...

    I display it with this awesome Roadrunner, one of M2s absolute best and beauty castings...
    Love this Road~Roach!!!

    I'll have to do some changing of the wording along of the bottom of the trailer, because it's definitely not a Barracuda...
    I'm sure I'll come up with something!!!

    I am assuming it was originally the trailer for one of these Barracuda haulers.

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    I know you can do it and it will turn out great!


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      With you it is good hands and ready for a future rehab or restoration.