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Gulliver 64 and TACCAR, or the collection not meant to be displayed

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  • Gulliver 64 and TACCAR, or the collection not meant to be displayed

    Don't know much about these two brands. Received them from Japan long ago and I was thrilled to add them to my taxi collection.
    Until I started taking them out of the box. Those side mirrors, roof lights and antennas are extremely prone to breaking. They fall off by looking at them for too long....... not really, but you know what I mean.
    ​​​​​​After unpacking 3, which are all missing parts now, I just stopped . Amazingly enough that most models survived transport undamaged.

    ​​​​​​Still admire the level of detail and realizm.

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    What scale are those? From the pictures they kind of remind me of the Hongwell 1/72nd scale models.


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      It appears they are 1/64 or very close.


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        Very nice collection! Yes I can see how those little fiddly details would be prone to breakage. Similar to the M2 castings of the Nissan 240Z with the side fender mounted rearview mirrors. I had to choose mine carefully while buying it to make sure all the parts weren't broken or missing.


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          regardless of the size they are some nice castings.


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            I have found my Gulliver in original packaging.
            It comes with a hard plastic box which makes sense for protection.


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              it look nice in the window box.