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  • UNIBORN Ford Mustang GT

    This Ford Mustang GT POLICE is marked on the base with UNIBORN *. Characteristic are the POLICE-paper-stickers.
    * UNIBORN DieCast * in the * UNIVERSAL Toys Group *
    (some informations are from *Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers* (K. Sahakangas, D. Weber, and M. Foster)
    There is not much (yet) to be found about this brand. It's a cheaper alternative to matchbox cars in the 1980s, whose "history" is not yet well known.
    UNIBORN models were manufactured in Hong Kong from about the early 1980's at least in part by * Universal *. There were also attractive autosets that were sold under the * UNIBORN * brand, which is sometimes also referred to as a "private label" of Universal Toys.
    The company was completely named * UNIBORN DieCast * and, according to some sources, also acted as "successor" to UNIVERSAL in Hong Kong.
    In any case, UNIBORN * belonged to the UNIVERSAL Toys * group - probably just as a "private label". Also markings like * L.J.N *, * Kidco * and * Soma *, but the tw. already much earlier models produced and sold, are in connection with Universal, which also has a headquarters in the US (?) And also produced there. Even Matchbox-Castings are said to have been manufactured by Universal, or to have been reused, because Universal bought * L.J.N. * (1979) to sell Universal products independently of other companies that also offered their toy cars. Probably for the same reason * Kidco * was founded later. From 1982 to 1992 Universal should also have acquired Matchbox-Castings. They were acquired after the bankruptcy of Lesney.
    UNIVERSAL itself has the * U * in the circle as a marker.
    Universal Toys has produced many many toy cars in the factories in Hong Kong, including models bearing the * UNIBORN * brand name, which in terms of quality are already much better than the standard universal vehicle.
    * UNIBORN * was an independent mark, but the "overall story" within the * UNIVERSAL Toys Group * is still a bit confused and certainly needs additional information.
    (For me, there is also a relationship with GINGELL(see the equal stickers), which can initially be assumed only for optical reasons.
    I have not (yet) found any reliable findings.)
    However, the Universal models and these Uniborn cars look alike at first glance, this Ford Mustang GT was part of a set of 10 vehicles.

    Variant Ford Mustang GT Police * P.F. *

    UNIBORN - brand
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    Uniborn Ford Mustang Fox Body in yellow.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191231_161647.jpg
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      Uniborn. With different casting, sunroof & rear spoiler.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	ford mustang uniborn (1) mc014.jpg
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Name:	ford mustang uniborn (2) mc014.jpg
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        -yellow with chrome base plate:


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