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#V-98: 1958 Edsel Citation

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  • #V-98: 1958 Edsel Citation

    1958 Edsel Citation: Siku lists the model as a Ford Edsel. It is plastic/made in Germany

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    A comparison picture of the Siku 1958 Edsel and the Roco 1958 Edsel from Austria - similar casting but there are minor differences. It is interesting that Siku and Roco would both release a model of the '58 Edsel which was not a good seller in the US auto market.

    Click image for larger version

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      Neat Ed's.......

      I think company's only make the 58 because it was the best seller of the 3 years in production.
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        The funny thing is that the Roco models actually come from the Siku moulds. They were sold per four on a blister as gift sets.


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          Sorry, that's not right. The mold was scrapped.
          I am in possession of a copy of the tool book of the well-known company from Lüdenscheid. There was noted or not what was done with the old injection mold.
          For example, the injection mold Jeep V 92/93, consisting of 4 segments, with the number 30336 was sold in November 1966 to Persia.
          No entry for the Edsel, so he was scrapped. The info was confirmed by an employee.



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            Sorry my bad there. Roco made copies of the Siku plastic models. They were offered as PKW Sortiment 1 and included the Edsel, Ford Taunus 17M Caravan, DKW Junior and the Opel Kapitän. The sales to Persia are interesting as I've seen pictures of boxed sets of plastic military vehicles offered in Iran back in the day that include that Jeep.