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  • Big Time "BUMMER"

    I took my wife to a meat market she likes to shop at for our meat. It's about a 30 minute drive from our house and the longest drive since I've been out of the hospital. I did just fine though.
    There is a Hobby Lobby next door I go into while she meat shops. Once again I came across another store that just recently stocked the diecast. The pegs were full with stuff I wanted. I had roughly 15-20 dollars my wife allowed me to spend, so I was happy with that for now...

    The first car I spotted that was next on my list to add to the collection was the blue AW Lincoln, and I snatched it right up.

    The next I spotted that I missed out on a while back was this GL Javelin.

    There was my money spent on these two cars. On the way to the cash register I noticed a huge chunk was broken from the front wheel of the Lincoln.and I shook the pack and it fell completely off. So I had to pass on it which bummed me a bit, but I still got the Javelin...
    What really bummed me out is I was recently in a Meijer and a Walmart that had just stocked with all kinds of new stuff I would loved to have bought, but I was totally broke and got none. Here I find one I really wanted and it was broken in the package...

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    I HATE how Hobby Lobby discontinued the 40% off one item coupon last year. That's pretty much eliminated any purchases from that store. I used to pick one nearly every Tuesday before church, and now I probably get 2 or 3 per year (and only Greenlights that are $7.99 & that I really like).


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      Great story, Stang, despite the bummerific ending.

      (Just like a regular bummer except to the 10th power.)


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        Really nice, I can't find autoworld, racing champions, and Greenwich in Michigan, I could buy greenlights until Toys R us closed