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Volvo FedEx truck and Toyota RAV4 promo

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  • Volvo FedEx truck and Toyota RAV4 promo

    The Toyota RAV4 was part of a promo piece for Neighborhood Wal-mart and comes in four different versions each with a different fruit or vegetable on the roof (this one had a Tomato). I took the tomato off so I can enjoy more of the casting. The Winross Volvo FedEx truck cab was a nice find at a flea market a few years ago, no trailer though. I still see these cabs in service today with FedEx:

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    Both are really cool! I'm really liking the RAV 4 - any indication as to who makes it? Up to this point, I always thought that TINY was the only one who made the fourth generation RAV 4.


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      a very nice pair for sure.


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        It's good to have that RAV4 as the Tiny version is the facelift


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          I'm curious about the RAV4 also.

          Is it 1/64ish (3 inch)? Any pictures of it with fruit attached? Any pix of the entire promo piece?
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