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  • Matchbox 2000 Time Capsule of the Day

    Hello everyone! I finally converted my account from the old Swifty's site and glad to be here! Just recently I created another blog page adjacent to my Two Lane Desktop blog that looks into my time capsule that I kept in my collection for nearly 20 years. About a year ago I opened the capsule up and started to sell some of it off to make some more room in my collection, but before I did that I took pictures and chronicled all of the models in the Matchbox 2000 line. I have all 1-100 vehicles, a quarter of them with Matchbox 2000 logo's, some ROW models, half of the 5-packs that year, and even some Collectibles and promo models in the capsule. This year I create a blog post that will profile each vehicle in the line daily, with the exception of 5-packs where i will show all five vehicles from the pack in one day; veterans of Swifty's Garage members will recognize the layout to the old Car of the Day though I don't use any Wikipedia information (though I do research from them often) and some post have fewer pictures for simplicity.

    Here's the link:

    I might get back to my original blog (one i've largely ignored recently because I was busy last year creating the time capsule) with a similar daily format like the time capsule, reviewing each vehicle separately, though i'm still debating on this change.


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    Wow! Truly a time capsule blast to the past. Thanks for sharing this with us! A fun jaunt down memory lane.