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Matchbox Fire / Police Force “General Alarm”

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  • Matchbox Fire / Police Force “General Alarm”

    A combination of Matchbox fire and police vehicles.There are two pumpers from the movie Code Red / P1 with deck guns😁

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    I have a similar obsession with the very same models...but your collection has me counting my treasures...

    I have a particular infatuation with the #63 Foamite and it's (mostly-subtle, base-located) variations and 'nozzle' combos. Think I have pics somewhere...if I have access back to PB yet maybe I'll find them...


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      I am missing the Denver Pumper(as Maisto called it) Code Red fire truck
      never seen that one with SuperFast wheels!


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        The No 29 Pumper is my favorite MBX model of all times and I have several versions, and the "Code Red" version is my favorite of them. I love the addition of the deck gun to the dunnage above the pump!

        I have a few versions of the Land Rover and Foammite also but they do not rate with the Pumper to me.

        BTW "Code Red" was a TV series, not a movie and ran only one season IFRC. One of the best things about the show was the fact at the end of each episode they gave a short PSA and used real LA City Firefighters to help them deliver it. Most where things like have working smoke detectors or learn CPR type stuff.


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          One of these days I will need to track down one of the SF versions of the pumper - have the Code Red and regular wheels ones.


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            Yeah, I too do not have a SF 'Denver Pumper'. Guess another thing to BOL for.