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  • Matchbox Fire Pumper Truck

    This is another great casting from matchbox. Growing up I loved this Die cast👍👍👍 There were quite a few variations from this casting😬 There was the regular wheels with “DENVER” in yellow on the sides. Then there was the regular wheels with no decals on the side. Then later in the early 80’s they made one with a deck gun and it said P1 and Los Angeles county fire department. That was from a tv hit series code red in the early 80’s I believe🤔 And then the pride of my fire pumper fleet are the two “Transitional” ones with the superfast wheels. And I was able to snag a box with it also👍 I know there is a hallmark one out there so I am looking for that one😊😊😊
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    Wow! Again back in the day I decided I didn't need the transitional superfast models since they were the same basic castings as the regular wheels so I did not get them - and of course, in hindsight wish I had.


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      Many models look good in transitional wheels, but this is one I prefer to see with regular black wheels. Just sayin'
      - Jeff
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        And it's been copied a lot. At least by Gordy-Mite and Maisto. An issue I've found seems to be the roof light, which is easily broken off by being pushed on the roof. Mine came that way and I had to drill it to fix it. Luckily the part of the glass that contains the roof light was still rattling around inside.


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          Originally posted by atombaum
          Many models look good in transitional wheels, but this is one I prefer to see with regular black wheels. Just sayin'
          For me, I prefer the heavy equipment and large trucks with Regular Wheels; while cars almost always look better with Superfast.


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            There was also. casting variation on the doors...

            one version had these ridges on the door skins -

            while other castings came with this raised panel -

            here is a photo showing the two different door designs on an early version of the pumper -



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              The old No. 29 Pumper is my favorite MBX casting to date. Out of them the Los Angles CITY Fire Department version is my favorite, manly due to the fact they added the deck gun!

              "Code Red" only lasted one season on prime time, but the safety tip at the end of each episode was a great idea.
              Greco-Roman - be careful about confusing those CITY and COUNTY Departments out west, some of the Battalion Chief's get a bit touchy.


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                I love this model because it is the very first Matchbox that I remember buying 'all by myself' when I was around four years old. I still have it, very well loved and play-worn, but I never let go of it. I also have a mint one to show what it used to look like.
                Medic Dan