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  • Impressed!

    I am really impressed at how good this M2 Camaro diecast kit went together. All parts molded and fit well together!!!

    But, my version of the Camaro kit car is how I like it best...
    I removed the Hooker tampos. The paint is beautiful on the car. Metal flake black...

    I changed the lighting a little and got some sparkle flakes to show up... Paint is awesome!!!

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    You know it is beautiful paint. I got that paint on a 58 GMC from M2 and it's a beautiful metal flake. Nice pictures Steve.
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      HUGE improvement with the tampos removed. The eye moves to the red stripe and red interior instead of focusing on the garish ad on the door. Well done.


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        The one and only problem with this casting is the hood won't close completely. I'm not complaining at all and am still very impressed with the whole kit.
        It's an easy fix, the paint is real thick around the hood prongs that are held in place when the dash board is screwed down. Filing a little paint off those prongs fix it right up!!


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          Not bad looking for Camaro........LOL
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