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    Originally posted by Shaughn1:
    Topper paint...always a topic for discussion. Topper regular issues were painted with a laquer over polished metal, similar to spectra paints.The first year castings were often polished to a near mirror finish then painted giving them a more shiny look.
    Actual mirror finish cars weren't painted. The process used to make the mirror finish was called corochrome and was a color plating technique used mostly for costume jewelry. Henry Orenstein had them done first for tv commercials because color tv wasn't a prominent fixture in the 1969 household, many still b&w. But the mirror finish helped those cars "pop" on camera. And, yes, they were also used as salesmen samples. The bait and switch was Henrys big play. Show a toy seller the super shiney mirror and send him the high polish regular, hoping he couldn't tell the difference. And it worked. And as of today, I know of 17 mirrors in blisters with most of them red/orange tbirds or gold turbines. All of the Detroits have been found in blisters, except for the gto. NO known mirror gto in blister...
    Topper enamels, for the most part, were usually produced when laquer was unavailable for some reason or another. As far as anyone knows, there weren't any "enamel" promotional cars made. A lot of the enamels out here now were actually employee liberated cars. That is why you can find a 32 ford with a lite blue body with a black trunk,things like that.I've never seen a true enamel in anything but first year cars and never seen one in a blister either. Extremely limited production so they are pretty rare.
    Bunky's brown dragster looked to be enamel but wasn't. It was the milk chocolate brown, which is more opaque than the rootbeer brown. And it did come from a gift set. That set has been found with rootbeer, milk choco and ruby dragsters and also has a mako and a turbine mounted on it as well...
    Bolidos, out of Mexico, actually had a few laquer painted cars, but most were enamels. They even experimented with a mirror finish. It doesn't even compare to Topper's but it's out there. Mostly found on turbines but I've seen 2 eldo's in mirror as well...
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    Thank you for your understanding.