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Gordy International “Emergency Team”

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  • Gordy International “Emergency Team”

    I just received this Gordy emergency set in the mail from eBay. And when I compared it to a previous set I purchased 4 years ago, I noticed that the cab on the pumper was a different cab on the one I already have. I didn’t know there was a different cab variation. The body of the pumpers are the same but the cabs are different. I also noticed that the police car in the set I just received did not have a tow hitch like my other police car has. So that was another variation I found. I am really glad I noticed these variations. Who knows there could be many more so I will keep on looking🤗😊😁

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    Interesting to see the variations on the Gordy models - I suspect with the Gordy models there could be any number of variations out there.


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      I have never seen the engines before--they appear, interestingly enough, to be Tomica copies, and not MB or HW as usual.


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        Yes, me want....

        A Hino fire engine (right side in pics) and the other cab style is familiar but I'm no good at brands/marques or whatever.

        Decent pumper, but as too often, spoiled by a ladder hinged on the rear.


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          I think I sent my Police version to Edeka a few years back. Here's the Fire version -