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Ertl 1923 John Deere Model D Tractor

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  • Ertl 1923 John Deere Model D Tractor

    I found another tractor and decided it needed some work also

    The old farmer had been waiting on this new / old tractor to arrive to add to his collection for a while
    The chickens are giving it there stamp / stamps of aproval also



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    Nicely done!
    Happy Hobby Wishes from Chris G. and Sora Shepherd


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      Your weathered models and farm scene are incredible! Nice touch with the chickens and their "stamp of approval!"


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        I've never seen a Deere this old, but I did see a few Fords with 1920s serial numbers in the boneyard of the New Holland dealer--my Granddad and I wanted to bring one home, but got shot down by my Grandmother. Your weathering seems to match those quite well.

        I have the 1/16 version, but not this older 1/64.


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          Thanks Guys

          Old farmer Joe is like a lot of farmers , acumulating so much stuff over the years around the place , with 20 ongoing works in progress
          And he never gets rid of anything , it might come in handy in the future he says ( Yes, even those old worn out tires )
          One of his passions is Harley Davidsons which he has quite a few , these are in a lot better condition than the farm machinery
          (I need to add some old signs etc American Pickers style or maybe get some more machines etc and weather them up and make an American Restoration Style Dio)

          Most of his animals get along fine , except billy the goat & the 2 dogs
          After looking at the goat in the previous pics I thought he needed a chain or rope ,
          I could not find a small enough one , so I just used a bit of thread , ( that I should have dirtied up a bit now looking at it )
          Also found an old water trough that I weathered up and added plus some signs machines and other assorted stuff


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            Here is a pic of the real one

            1955 Murray Tractor and Trailer pedal car ( another halmark ornament )

            a couple of new additions