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Poor Javalin

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  • Poor Javalin

    I found this beauty yesterday, and the only one on the pegs. The dang stripes on the hood were smeared and the hood on crooked in the package. Had to leave it... Hope to find another.
    I have 10 varies of this baby and really want to add this one.
    Pic of the dark green one borrowed from: Fred Bauersfeld

    My collection so far:

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    Javelins are very popular, and you have a nice collection, Stankfreak! When they were first released, I passed on both the Alabama State Police version and the light blue one in the last photo . . . both BIG mistakes as they never reappeared on any local pegs, and now command premium prices. What can you do?


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      I think I posted this photo in another thread but here it is again.
      Javelins by Greenlight, 1/64 by Dick Copello, on Flickr


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        Love those Javs..........

        A buddy in high-school around 1982 bought one from a friend of his in Tenn. who used it for out running the cops......he was a moon shine runner.

        That thing was stupid fast.
        Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

        RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.