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  • Small Town

    Here is a condensed version from Swiftys of my diorama / layout

    Most of you have probably seen the pics
    I plan do do some more changes in the near future as always

    The Diorama is divided into 3 sections . 1) Downtown , 2) The Dragstrip etc , and 3) Suburbia

    1st up

    The Dragstrip section ,It also contains a couple of surrounding streets , Honest Sams Used car lot ,Billys Ford Repair Shop , Deuces Bike Shop ,an old abandoned hotel , a couple of suburban houses etc

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    A bit more landscaping on the houses etc in the Dragstrip section


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      I do love visiting your small town! Really enjoy looking over those '57 Ford's on the lot - thinking that blue one would look nice in my driveway!


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        Thanks pj

        A few more pics

        The parking lot out the back of the dragstrip waiting for the cars and trucks etc
        Probably make another thread for the actual races

        A few more progress shots with a little story

        Back in the early 60s Old Sams car yard was thriving , he never had enough room on his lot for all the cars he had to sell,
        He had a passion for old 50s cars and manged to keep a few that came in as trade ins that he planned on restoring and selling in the future
        He managed to buy the old Hotel behind his car yard with plans of making a much bigger yard ,All he needed was duece to sell the Bike shop with the empty block next to it ,
        For years he was offering Duece good money to no avail
        I think it was about 10 years ago now that he ended up retiring and selling the yard , he would be in his 90s now I reckon

        Anyway , My friend john has been after a 57 chevy for a long time to do up and a buddy of mine who knows I love cars told me that old sam is starting to sell some of his cars that he never got around to fixing up, I got in touch with john and we headed on over in his vette to check them out

        Low and behold there was a 57 there and a 56 also , not to mention a few nice mopars that caught my eye
        They all needed a lot of work but depending on the prices

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          Oh! if anyone is wondering , John got the 57 and the 56 We will be going back there later to pick them up


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            Looking after the grandkids


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              Naked City unmasked

              1st attempt

              The downtown section of my dio was always going to take up the most space with its buildings and wide streets etc plus I wanted enough space to display plenty of cars .
              I wanted to incorporate a large grass area for car shows with a good backdrop for pics in the city ,
              However I was not happy with how the larger buildings looked on the left hand side of the section , so I scrapped it .
              I will now put the grass area out the back of the Drag strip for use as a car park for the Drags alternating to car shows etc

              Here is some pics of my 1st shot

              2nd attempt

              This is what I have at the moment I am reasonably happy with it
              The city section has aprox 40 buildings , Nice wide streets to display more cars etc. Out of the 3 sections , I will probably detail this area last


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                  Upon arrival to Old Sams place to pick up the cars from last week ,
                  the 1st thing that John and I noticed was that Sam had more cars ,
                  He still had cars everywhere ( Looks like he is still in the game ) .
                  I wondered how much he had on the Camaro and the Nova ,
                  It was not long before the flatbed arrived to take the cars

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                    Finally got the chevy,s out of sams , surprisingly the 56 started ( rough , but it might make it back to john,s )

                    We did have to stop and wait for a minute so the 56 could clear out a few cobwebs and catch up

                    Sams Old car yard at the moment is closed by the look of it , except for a couple of old cars that sam,s son had there that were for sale also
                    ( I am sure it will open up again with the Drag Strip now reopening )

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                      Really nice with all the details. It looks like a whole lot of work went into it. It must be fun setting the models up for the different photos.


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                        I think your layout is the envy for many of us. I all over my keyboard every time I see your photos. I know I certainly wish I had a setup like yours.

                        I think you showed and told us once before over on Swifty's, but how big is it overall? Where is it located? Is it in a room in the house, or an entire basement? Do you have pictures that show the entire layout all at once, so we can get an idea of the overall size of it?
                        Michael "Toyotageek"
                        Japanese Minicar Garage


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                          Doug , Yes it is a whole lot of fun , Just wish I had more space

                          Michael ,
                          I am envious of all the new stuff you guys get there in the US , especially your trucks & the higher end 1/64.

                          Here is a couple of room pics from when I started the dio , I can only display about 25% of my buildings etc

                          My collection etc is in a spare room off the kitchen , lucky I am in a pretty big house .
                          2 story , 6 beds , lrg Double garage that I can only fit 1 car in due to the amount of crap we have
                          Basements are a rare thing here in Australia


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                            The Car park behind the Drag Strip , this is for the public and competitors ,
                            I will be having a few car shows on here when the drags are not on in the future
                            I still need to add some more details and everything else
                            There is also the main Pit area right behind the stands etc that is for the competitors only

                            In the 1st pic below you can see the car park in the distance

                            There was a big hold up at the main car park ,
                            Some people where saying that a VIP was flying in and needed the space to land his private helicopter and get dropped off

                            While walking around the pit area having a look around , I glanced up to see the Helicopter and decided to check it out
                            The cars are going to be here for days , I thought to my self

                            President Trump & the 1st lady had arrived , I am curious to see if he will stick around and watch the races

                            I am pretty sure that the car is not his regular ride though
                            Not sure what type of limo it is ? Anyone ? ,
                            Ivanka did not look happy at all , even from this distance , wait untill she hears how loud the cars get


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                              After the President drove off with his entourage I made my way back to the Pit area .

                              It was still early and a lot of people were still arriving and setting up
                              The public car park was now open and was slowly filling up ,

                              The So Cal Team had been set up for a while , I ended up talking to the guy in the white overalls , who was working on an old Salt Flat racer
                              He told me his daughter would be racing later today in the 32 ford sedan
                              They start them out early in So cal

                              There was also a nice Vintage Race car display with some cool old 1950s/60s sprint cars