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Tomica Hitachi EH3500ACII Dump Truck

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  • Tomica Hitachi EH3500ACII Dump Truck

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ID:	439071 It's been a few years now, but this was one of those "Collect'n'Play" buys off the rack at a feed and seed store.

    Scale on this monster is even tinier than HO 1/87 considering the "fit the box" 3 inch size, I imagine Tomy lists the scale on the base and I'm being lazy. It's not the same model truck, but it reminds me of an exciting scene from a Jackie Chan movie I saw many years ago in the theater when new called "Mr Nice Guy." Jackie Chan doesn't have the intensity of Bruce Lee, but he is exceptionally talented at what he does, and I love to watch his movie work.

    I can't explain why I like these massive mining trucks, but dump trucks in general are a favorite going back to my childhood, second probably only to wreckers. I had a series of Tonka dump trucks, and I guess these are a step or two up (or down, as the case may be?). Nothing quite like going from a mid '60's Jeep Gladiator to a locomotive powered Terex or equivalent. Notice the staircase that runs across the front of the truck, that isn't decoration on the real vehicle...that is how you get into the cab.

    borrowed image from the Jackie Chan movie I mentioned...
    The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    I live a couple miles down from a limestone quarry, and have family and friends in the coal mining industry. It probably explains why there are so many in my collection.

    I picked one of these up at Tractor Supply. The weight of this casting, and its detail are what drew me to it, and continue to impress me.Definitely puts the MBX Faun I owned several of as a kid to shame. Especially in that by the mid 2000s, the casting had been retooled to have a plastic dump, while the Tomica's only plastic bits are minimal.

    Box lists it at 1/185, so just under N scale. I've been wanting to pick up the EX8000 shovel to go with it, but it's not scaled properly--it's an even tinier 1:300. The Hitachi loader Tomica also has is 1:110, so too big. Majorette has a Volvo loader that, without doing the math, looks to be around N scale, so it may be a good match. Then, despite being generic, there's always the MBX Quarry King.

    I picked up a Joal Michigan L320 about a year ago--a loader still found in many coal operations and quarries. It's 1:50 scale, but still just short of a foot long and over two pounds. Been meaning on getting their "Euc" to go alongside it.
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      While I no longer collect pieces like these, the large quarry/mining trucks fascinate me. We have a number of open pit coal mines about 60 miles north of me that I drive by on a fairly regular basis and always enjoy seeing these large mining trucks and the big shovels in operation.


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        I bought my copy at my local Rural King when it was new. It's a nice enough model for the scale and suspect one that otherwise would not have come across the water w/out Tomy buying ERTL.


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          Since, I was young I always gravitated towards diecast trucks, tractors and heavy equipment and some of the diecast off-road dump trucks made by Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Majorette were some of my favorite castings. There are a lot of hard rock quarries in my area therefore are bunch of off-road dump trucks operating especially ones in the 35 to 50 ton range. I know of one construction contractor/quarry has a fleet of old Euclid trucks from the 50's and 60's still working.


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            it is a good looking a rule i do not do truck.