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  • Breyer Duallys

    Here are three plastic Breyer Dually trucks that were picked up for a buck a piece and remodeled. Models appear too small to be 1:24 scale. Side boards for the truck beds were made from popsicle sticks and stained. Interiors were painted appropriately. Doors and rear tailgates open. The Ford tailgate was scratch built as were all side mirrors. Wheels roll well and the fronts are steerable. Exhaust pipe extensions from aluminum tubing.

    Thanks for looking...

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    as usual you have done quality up grading.


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      A lot of nice details and extras you've added.


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        Great job on all of them! I do collect the horses, but the trucks and most accessories don't interest me at all. Mainly because Breyer markets mostly to girls and thus lots of pastel colors. And quality issues on the accessories as well. It's where you'll find the things outside of farm supply, feed, and tack shops. It's where my Walmart keeps them. It's embarassing, especially when Tractor Supply kept them right beside John Deere.

        Breyer Stablemates are 1:32 scale, and I suppose the trucks are somewhere in that range as well. They're really well detailed. My problem is that they sell them for kids, but they are built flimsily and break. Especially A: the steering mechanism, and the parts of the gooseneck horse trailer they came with. The "5th wheel" is actually a bed cap with the hole drilled inside--not into the bed floor itself. And the riders (Mego size) for Traditional are poorly made as well--clunky articulation, poor quality clothing, and joints that A: don't look good and B: break. I need to find a decent horse trailer in the 1:32 range--I think both Siku and Britains have made them. I'll be building my own stable, eventually.