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Renault Espace-TSE Policia & Police variants - Mi Spain

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  • Renault Espace-TSE Policia & Police variants - Mi Spain

    I have this different Renault Espace-TSE Police & Policia vans (with and without roof construction), but I believe there are more variant in other collections ???

    Guisval - Renault Espace-TSE - Mi Spain - scale ca. 1/60

    Variant POLICE Secours 091


    Variant POLICIA M-16


    Variant POLICE Special Brigade


    Variant POLICIA UIP
    (* Unidades de Intervención Policia * = is something like riot police in Spain )

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    Great assortment of Gusival Renault police vans and the variations of them


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      I consider Guisval models among my favorites, mostly because of (of course) their emergency vehicles. And the fact you can't buy them in brick-and-mortar stores anywhere around here.

      For example:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	49570244077_938193a401_h.jpg Views:	0 Size:	59.5 KB ID:	434178
      Just a couple of my TDAs by the company. I wouldn't want to be the firefighter who's riding along IN THE least, not in THAT position...


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        Nice older Guisval Renault vans, Ernst! TTBOMK, the "high roof" version of this casting was an ambulance first before or alongside the police vans seen here in this thread.


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          Nice collection of police vans, I actually have the Special Brigade issue you show, it's exciting to see that, because you usually show models I could never run across here, but somehow I did find that one at a show or someplace like that.