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    These are my Suntoys/ Express wheels Emergency collection. They are basically cheap all plastic vehicles, however they aren’t too bad in terms of how they look👍 They have an array of fire fighting equipment, police equipment, and first aid equipment. There are variations of the fire house, police station, and hospital. Crude but pretty cool😁 There is a tiller they made that I am still looking for, and they made a bomb squad truck, and police tanker. So I am on the hunt for those three pieces. My favorite ones is the fire tanker😁👍 and the fire trucks with the large hose reel, and the “Iron man” high capacity flow device which is the big deck gun💪💪💪, and the large pumper used for high capacity pumping capability💪 These plastic vehicles remind me of the Kidde Neptune fire fighting system from New Jersey. They are really cool, so I tried to set it up as closely as possible to the real thing😁😁😁. So the apparatus in the Kidde Neptune system are: 1- 4,000 feet of 12 inch line, with 4 reels mounted on a truck. 2- Two hydraulically powered pumps lowered in to a lake or pond or river supplied by an 8 inch supply line. 3- Then they use an iron man nozzle using 4000 to 8000 GPM flow💪💪💪 4- And a 5000 GPM pump system the big pumper unit. So it’s really cool to try and replicate this amazing fire fighting system with these cheap plastic fire fighting vehicles😁👍😁👍
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    An interesting assortment of emergency vehicles some of which I have not seen before. I really would not mind finding those ambulances!


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      I found most of these plastic fire trucks, and ambulances at flea markets👍👍👍I also used Ebay and Amazon for the ambulances. I typed in Express wheel toys and I typed in Suntoys. Use those two names and you will see some of the stuff. But flea markets, and garage sales are great👍