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    While visiting a garage sale a couple weekends ago, in a large industrial park in Eugene, Oregon, I was surprised seeing an off-white base model '77 AMC Gremlin in unusually good condition next to one building. Then on the other side, across from the Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning-laden garage sale (the guy was a definite collector and car guy who'd never heard of this site or Swifty's Garage), was this somewhat forlorn looking, yellow/black repaint, '74-'76 Gremlin X that had a fresh dent in it.

    I got permission to take the photos at the industrial park manager's office (since the Gremlins weren't at the shop space the diecast was sold from), and it's nice to see some love for AMC in my town. (I'm surprised the everpresent hipsters and neo-beatnik types in Eugene haven't taken to AMC Gremlins, Pacers and Hornets they way they have Eagles, Wagoneers and 50s/60s Ramblers, let alone to base model Ford Falcons, Mercury Comets, JDM Delica/Hiace/Master Ace type vans, and Valiants/Darts, which lots of those types drive here)

    Click image for larger version

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    Cook lol thanks for sharing.


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      WOW....brings me back to when I was 9 and my Pop bought a light brown, brown/orange striped, tan interior Gremlin. Straight 6 w/auto and air. After that he bought what the Grem was made from.....A Hornet (Gremlin was a shortened chassie and same as the Hornet from the cowl forward.
      Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

      RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.


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        I remember those kind of cars on the roads, AMC sure did their own thing with designs in those days.


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          Neat to see those two old Gremlin's - and nice that you were allowed to take pictures of them.


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            At first glance I thought the top picture was a friend of mines' Gremlin from back in the 70s. In 1975/1976 I had a yellow 1971 Dodge Demon 340 and he had a 1971 yellow AMC Javelin with a 360 V-8.. They were the two fastest and quickest cars in our home town of Westerville Ohio. All the gear heads nick~named our cars as the Screamin Demon and the Travilin' Javelin. He demolished his Javelin, but kept the engine, transmission, and rear end. His sister had a yellow Gremlin just like the one pictured above, with the same after market wheels. We put the 360 engine, tranny and rear end in the her Gremlin and once we got it going, you could hardly keep it on the ground. The car was amazingly quick.
            The thing was, everytime we raced the Demon against the Javelin at the track I was about 1/2 to 3/4 car length ahead at the finish. My ETs were 12:20s and the Javelin's were 12:50s, very close.
            When we took the Gremlin to the track, he beat my Demon by a whole car length. We had done no other mods to the engine in the switch over at all. The Gremlin went into the mid 11 second bracket that day. All we could figure was the weight difference of the Javelin to the Gremlin, that made the difference. I demolished my Demon a short time later street racing. Dana was busted 3 times for street racing and lost his license for 5 years. He sold the Gremlin to a man who came from Indianapolis, Indiana and hauled it off on a trailer. It for sure was one wild, wooly, and wicked machine in it's time.
            Thanks for those awesome memories and the awesome pics!!!