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75 Years of Smokey Bear, a year in review

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  • 75 Years of Smokey Bear, a year in review

    As some of you may know our old friend Smokey Bear turned 75 years old this year. Smokey has been the longest running PSA and was originally started to raise awareness of wildfires during World War II when the threat posed additional concerns with a lack of available manpower as most able bodied young men where serving in the military and the threat of Japanese attacks using fire on west coast where real and tried. Over the years he has continued his fight to preserve our forest and prevent fires.

    This past year the I was asked to host a banner for the 75 year celebration,

    so through out my fire service travels this year I took it along with me.

    First my kids wished him well

    And of course the guys at work

    And my volleys

    Now what to do with it?

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    I decided to take it with me teaching the Spring Firefighter 1 class one day at the Wolcott Regional Fire Training School.

    And I couldn't leave the Firefighter 2 class out when I was teaching them.

    Firefighter 2 was burning that day, so the lieutenant from Southington who brought an engine up to pump the evolution thought his company needed to wish Smokey well.

    and Cheshire (who brought another wagon to the evolution) also did.
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      While visiting a local pre-school asked the kids to.

      With the only National Park property in CT being located in Wilton, we thought they would like to join in.

      We then decided to hang the banner on the back of the Truck for the summer months (May- October).

      Even the Chief jumped in on this.


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        By fall we were told to take it down off the Truck, so it was off to visiting.

        My son's Kindergarten class during fire prevention week.

        and a few other schools wished him a happy one.


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          Well we couldn't let the Fall Firefighter 1 and 2 classes off the hook, so of course as I taught them I brought the banner along.

          And the Middlebury FD hoped at the chance

          The Wolcott Ambulance jumped at the opportunity to be around Smokey

          Of course the chance to grab a selfie with Smokey should never be passed up!!

          Hope you guys enjoyed a peak into the banner travels with me.

          To see more of the many banners and their travels check out 75 years of Smokey Bear on Facebook
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            Thanks, Captain! Smokey appreciates it I'm sure, as do I.

            I found a wildfire-themed toy today, not Smokey-oriented, but check it out in it's thread here in the bay.


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              Awesome tribute to Smokey! Thanks for the show


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                Happy Birthday Smokey!

                Thanks for the tour of the banners travels Brian, it was fun to see.