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An Oldie but Goodie for sure!

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  • An Oldie but Goodie for sure!

    I'm sure you all remember my Christmas Rush. For any who don't or new members here it is again, and the story...

    Rudolph and the reindeer team were getting old and retirement was soon on the horizon. Santa had to make some quick changes, so he enlisted me to come up with something to help with his delima.

    I kicked the idea around for awhile and came up with this scratch built sleigh.
    Image may contain: people sitting and indoor

    Santa loved it and couldn't wait to try a test run and break the satisfying news to Rudolph and the team.

    Santa blew the new engine having too much fun, and a quick swap had to be performed very quickly as the time for his famous midnight run was fast approaching.

    Only problem now, was Santa couldn't afford the fuel and the nitrous. So he began collecting in the city and in the sticks.

    Santa was able to pull off this midnight run, but by the skin of his teeth. He decided to try to get a new team of younger reindeer trained for next year. The new Christmas Rush was retired.

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    I had this old Hot Wheels Holiday pack and decided to swap out the space shuttle for the Christmas Rush and that's where it's at today.

    I had hoped to either make or get someone to help me make the finishing decals I wanted for it, but never got around to it because I got that stupid cancer crap for the third time around in 3 years.

    Anyway, A very, very, Merry and "SAFE" Christmas and an "AWESOME, OUTSTANDING" New Year to each and everyone of my great and wonderful friends here at the Garage!!!


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      Digging your sleigh and the diecast nut!
      Merry Christmas to you too!
      - Patrick

      ModellbauMaster on …


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        I can remember seeing it before. Still looks just as awesome

        What scale is the original with the reindeers ?

        You have a Merry Christmas Steve & a Great New Year


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          Superb! Merry Christmas to all!