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  • Adonael's Pit Stop 2.0

    I know I said I wasn't going to pick up anything for awhile..and I wasn't going to get hot wheels too often anymore..but
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20191001-083923.jpg
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Name:	20191001-083932.jpg
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Name:	20191001-083950-0.jpg
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    I honestly can't pass this beauty up.

    (Reference to my old collection thread, in case anyone is interested to look through.
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    Is it just me or are the images not displaying?


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      Fixed the images. No idea what happened there.


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        that is one that i too would not pass up.


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          I actually like the looks of this one. I might get one if I ever see one hanging around.


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            Sweet looking ride - you know how it can only say no so long...


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              I finally got something I've wanted for awhile. Originally I wanted the Gulf branded..but that wasn't realistic, so I went for the, pleasing to my eye, Pure Gas Station from Greenlight's Mechanic's Corner.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	20191003-171250.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171353.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171436.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171520.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171547.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171653.jpg
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Name:	20191003-171714.jpg
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              A surprise to me is the removable roof over the store area is metal as well as the garage doors. Overall I am very pleased with the detail and you can expect a new format for my pictures from now on.

              As for the employees, they haven't arrived yet as they are relocating from quite the distance away, so for right now the red guy is going to hold down the fort..even if he is kind of a giant.

              (Sorry for the blurriness of some of the images, I didn't have a way to steady the camera and my hands are not the sturdiest things.)


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                the gas station is one of the better ones i have seen.way back in the 60s pure stations were all around Chicago.


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                  I like those old gas stations from GL - keep thinking I need to add a couple of those for my display pictures - thinking they have a Chevron one out.


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                    One of the few castings I make an exception for and pick up variants of it. I find the paint job on this one interesting. It's a sliver flake color with lime green and yellow stripes. I'm not crazy on the wheels however.

                    I now have 3 of this casting. One from Jt3, this version and a stripped Dodge version I plan on using for a custom at some point. I've it.also seen a mat sand color version, but I didn't have a chance to nab it.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20191020-085607.jpg
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Name:	20191020-085647.jpg
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Name:	20191020-085713.jpg
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                      i think the silver one does look better than the white issue.


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                        Here are a few additons now I am collecting again. I chose to hotlink, because I am doing this via mobile and do not know how to resize my images. Also I'm sorry about the quality. Had to get a emergency replacement phone and the camera is well..Bad. I never collected 1/32 before, but when I saw some of the models...I couldnt help it.

                        Jada 1/32

                        Toyota GT2000


                        Mazda MX-5


                        Toyota Supra MK 4