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    If they could talk, they would tell about hours and hours of fun, competitions, races, crash test, experiments, custom paint jobs and so on.
    I was a lousy Customizer back then by the way.

    While Matchbox was always the preferred brand, other models found their way into the kid's room. I wanted to show them all together.

    The three regular wheels were inherited from my older brother. Never liked them - no speed!

    Well, here are the living dead:

    I am under the impression, every kid had a Rolamatic wild life truck, the Ambulance and the Maserati Bora. Very popular models.

    These models escaped from total destruction for some reason. Far from mint, but not to shabby.

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    It is great to still have childhood models around to remember the good times back then, and it looks like you had some crazy fun with yours when little, so they must really bring a smile to your face.

    I remember being more into my imaginary everyday road situations, like car crashes, so the rescue vehicles could rush out to the scene, and then camping situations, and construction work, and stuff like that, I really loved playing with them on the cardboard Roadway Layouts, but that's not to say some didn't find their way down orange track stretched down the staircase, and crash into the baseboards plenty of times.....when mom was out at the neighbors or something.

    Who made that orange/red Mercedes in the last photo?


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      Originally posted by Douglas View Post

      Who made that orange/red Mercedes in the last photo?
      Hey Doug, that's a Siku.

      Really liked those photos. The Volvo wagon is cool, and that Siku W113 SL with the bullet hole in the windshield is talking to me. Lots of variety. Two thumbs up.
      - Jeff
      Supreme Miniature Vehicle Storage Solutions Architect


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        Very cool stuff.......

        I need to dig out some of my childhood MB's......I'll get on that after the holidays.
        Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

        RIP.....Pop.....David Blase Garascia 9-17-35 12-3-20.


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          Rode hard and put to bed wet! Awesome. So many adventures!


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            Great to see, I recall having several of those models as a child and still have many versions of the ambulance. Those well worn cars and trucks in some cases carry better memories and meaning then anything mint in my collection.


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              Well-loved treasures for sure. Awesome stuff.


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                Hah! Amazing you have so many survivors. As the oldest of five, none of my childhood collection exists.

                Judging by the selection I'm guessing I'm a little older than you, but younger than your brother... and, yes, I also had the Rolamatic Wildlife Truck, Bora, and the Ambulance.