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  • Testing new photo sharing...

    Photobucket says I am out of space "AGAIN" and wants to charge me 7.99 more a month for more space. I'm testing some new photo sharing stuff here...It doesn't give you any of the correct codes to post without clicking the link to see the pics!!!

    I'm sorry about having only the links to post at this time, but I am pretty excited about this new memorabilia store I found today and scored these tho cars I've wanted for a long, long time!!!
    I'm going to the bank to open an account just for my pay pal, ebay and new photobucket payments. I "DO NOT" trust any of those jokers to have access to any of my other accounts. I should be back to normal soon!!!

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    You have the option of directly uploading your photos from your computer to Diecast Garage. Why pay a "middle-man photo web hosting program?"
    "I am a Ford, not a Lincoln."

    Gerald R. Ford


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      After the 2017 Photobucket terms of service change, I switched over to Smugmug. Yeah, I have to pay a fee but it isn't a crazy amount. The site is easy to use, stable, offers unlimited storage for even the basic plan, and is probably less likely to jerk one around. I haven't had problems since I signed up with Smugmug.
      For photos I don't mind disappearing, I use It's a freebie image hosting site.


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        I don't use any photo hosting site anymore. I used photo bucket for years, but found that they basically hold your photos hostage. I store all my photos on a stick now. Uploading pics directly from the computer is so much easier.


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          It's much easier, for me at least, to just upload them directly to the site. I use Imgur for a few other forums I'm on, but quite personally, it's a little awkward, and more social media site than photo hosting service Lost a lot of photos when Flickr changed hands, and had to delete photos to stay under the limit. Uploading them directly to here, not a problem. Never have to worry about losing them, unless we have another Tapatalk-grade snafu like we did on the old site.


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            Just started uploading direct this past month or so, but I still share with some that are hosted by imgur for a couple reasons, one is many of my photos in imgur were loaded there from my old computer that died, so are not in my newer computer, and I also like that imgur shows a view count of the photos I've posted, and you say what good is that, well you see sometimes I forget what I've already posted in an old thread I started or something like those long random threads, and by seeing there are a number of views, I'll know I already posted the photo. Kind of weird but It is helpful to me that way.