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Found in my sock drawer

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  • Found in my sock drawer

    Moving some stuff from room to room and found this one in the bottom of my sock drawer. I can't remember anything about it, where it came from, when it was released, when or how I got it...
    My batteries are in a bad need of recharging...

    I dug out a case from storage and found a loose one. I must have bought these because I always bought two. One to keep packaged and one to play with, and sometimes one to customize making it 3 I would buy!!!

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    Another one found in the sock drawer...
    I guess they were released in 2009. WOW, 10 years ago. They been in that sock drawer for 10 long years and don't even smell like smelly feet...LOL


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      Gee - I wish I would find little cars in my sock drawer - all I find are socks!