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  • Hot wheels Airport Rescue Vehicles

    Here are my hot wheels Airport Rescue vehicles. These are the best made die cast pieces in my collection, as they are made of all metal👍👍👍 I really like this casting a lot one of my all time favorites. And one of my Holy Grail is the Red version which was made in France. I have a scratched up one but it’s still not too bad. I purchased this one in the early 90’s at the Westchester train show in New York. It was in a plastic bin with other Die cast. I think I paid $2 for it. When I saw it I snatched it up very, very fast😬😬😬 The other Holy Grail that I don’t have is the military olds 442 that came in a military set in the mid 70’s. I used to have that one, but it’s long gone from my childhood days. I would love to someday pick up a mint red airport fire truck, and military olds 442 staff car😃 The only problem is, I don’t know how I would pay for the two😬😬😬 Way toooooo expensive in mint condition😳 I took pictures of the bases of both trucks. The red one says made in France and the Yellow one says made in Hong Kong if you look closely😊😊😊
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    Yes, indeed the red, make in France is a holy grail for many of us emergency vehicle/Hot Wheels collectors. And like you, it is prices are way out of my ball park.