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Majorette Ultimate Cars (2001)

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  • Majorette Ultimate Cars (2001)

    Recently I was able to find a set of the Majorette "Ultimate Cars" series from 2001. At that time there were a total of 8 such sets. Each set contained two cars of the same casting. There were 3x Porsche 996, 3x Mercedes CLK GTR, 1x Audi TT Coupe and 1x BMW M3. All this is supplemented by a few pylons and road blocks. Always good to have!

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    The gimmick of the whole thing: you could assemble the cars yourself! The base plate was not riveted to the body, only screwed. Each set came with a tiny screwdriver and (because they are easy to lose) a total of 4 screws. One car came with ordinary wheels and one with a pull-back motor. I thought that was a bit of a shame, because I've always hated cars like that.

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    Of course I thought about just taking a beater 996 and using its wheels to get two "normal" models. But it's not that easy after all.

    The bodies and windows are identical, but that's where it ends. In order to give the pull-back motor enough space, the interior has been adjusted accordingly and the seats (especially at the back) are not shaped. Also, the clip to hold the rear axle is wider than normal. The pull-back motor is in between! The normal axles are shorter and won't run free if you squeeze them in here. In addition, the base plate of the pullback is shaped differently and cannot be used with normal wheels.

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    Accordingly, the pullback base can only be used with pullback axles and pullback interior. But then with both bodies.

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    You would have to buy each set twice to get both models with normal axles (and vice versa both with pullback axles). But still a very nice addition to the collection.

    Here are a few comparison pic with the normal Porsche 996, also with 5pw wheels from 2001. Other differences besides interior color: no number plate on the back and screwed base plate

    Click image for larger version

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    Neat playset. It's too bad they don't give you the few extra parts needed to make both models with or without pullback, though they still look good as they are.


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      Never came across one of those in my travels- very cool!


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        that is a set i would pick up if i had the chance.