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1981 vintage Tomica Pocket Cars commercial

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  • 1981 vintage Tomica Pocket Cars commercial

    A post elsewhere about the Hot Wheels 1980 Cadillac Seville reminded me of the Tomica version of the Seville I first saw advertised on TV. It was advertised in a spot by actor Tom Poston, and there was another version, I think earlier, that had the Rolls Royce Phantom VI in place of the Seville. You can find the Rolls Royce version of the commercial here at around 1:03 (or watch the Burger King and Burnin' Key cars commercials too beforehand):

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    Kidco was the one that originally made Burning Key Cars
    Years later Maisto made them

    here is the other one I saw as a kid
    Updated Frequently Asked Questions:Q1. Can you post ___?A1. These are commercials from old VHS tapes my family recorded off the television. I have nothing to...


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      thanks those are some good links to the past.


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        Great old commercials!

        Let's see if this works...

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          Originally posted by toyotageek View Post
          Great old commercials!
          I wonder if Tom Poston got paid in Tomica for this spot? I thought he was an unusual choice as spokesperson, but maybe it was geared more towards adults to buy for kids? While the Cadillac Seville version of the Rolls-Royce spot doesn't seem to be on Youtube, I still have one of my three original Sevilles. LOL, Tom Poston could be any one of us forty years on from the time of this broadcast!!!!!!