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  • Silverado On Patrol

    Another to add to my 'demo model' subcollection.

    Collecting the 'demo model' liveries of various manufacturers in small scale has grown to be a favourite subcollection of mine. My collection has now expanded to include the Ford, Chevrolet, Ram and Dodge models (all by Greenlight), with the one exception being the demo livery Charger that was released all the way back in Hot Pursuit series 1.

    I know there are mixed feelings about the new Silverado, but I, for the most pat, like the redesign. It sports an aggressive look that is head-turning in the appropriate trim and colour. And I'd say that this livery is one of those instances.

    And I think that it's pretty cool Greenlight introduced this model into the Hot Pursuit line in this design. I am looking forward to seeing this casting being put to good use in the future!

    And here is the 2019 Silverado next to its counterpart, the previous-generation Silverado. Note the rebranding - from 'Chevrolet Police' to 'General Motors Fleet' (though I will say I am impartial to the former rather than the latter).

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    I, too, have become a fan of the demonstrator police models. Don't forget - there is a Pontiac LeMans demo in release 31.


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      Silverado looks great until I see the tailgate. It looks like it needs a diet. You took great pictures.
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        That's good looking.


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          Love the pix, hate the new Silverado. i'm a huge fan of the real silverado truck. that being said, i will also be happy to add another demo to the pile... i'm considering getting a few of the black bandits for the fleet, but i just cant get around this goofy look. i'd like to have a few minutes in the interrogation room with the GM designer. hopefully my 2018 and 2010 silverados will run forever.
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