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Busch / Praline American Lafrance Tillers and Engines

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  • Busch / Praline American Lafrance Tillers and Engines

    These are just a few of my Busch and Praline plastic fire trucks. These 3 sets are my favorite ones, especially the White over Blue trucks and the All White open cab trucks. I purchased a lot of the Busch and Praline models during the 90’s and early 2000’s because they weren’t so expensive. Now they can really go for a very high price but I still really like these models👍 I wish they made these with a Mack- CF front, and even better a Mack-C front👍👍👍 The Mack-C front would be awesome😊👍😊👍 Even if Matchbox made a Mack- C pumper😃😃😃 I think it would sell like crazy👍
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    Wow - those are incredible! I pretty much stopped buying the HO scale models - Busch/Praline/etc. in the early '80's when I stopped having my HO train set/diorama. I still look at the HO models and am very tempted as they have such nice details but the prices are beyond me and I do need to limit myself these days.